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Warning: this page gives away some events and language from the novel.

Memory Ticklers

For Book Talks Or For Your Journal


After talking to Dad, Fynn changes the marks in all the boxes from Native American/American Indian to white. Why do you think he does this?


What does Mrs. Owen's home tell you about her as a person?

gender and gossip

When Rain finds out that the rumor about her and Galen involves them at least making out, she says, “I wonder if this was how it felt to be Lorelei.” Why does Rain make this connection? What does it suggest about Lorelei's reputation and gossip about girls in general? Have you ever had a particularly hard time with gossip before? How did Rain or Lorelei's situation compare to yours?

mixed emotions

When Rain talks to Fynn, she tells him, “It's your fiancée and the baby you never bothered to tell me about.” Is Rain just upset, worried about Natalie? Or has she been angry with her brother for some reason? Why do you think she feels this way? Does she really know what's been happening between Fynn and Natalie? Is she tired of change? Does she feel left out? Or protective? What do you think?

family ties

Because of their talk in this chapter, Rain says, “For all the land and ocean between us, Dad had understood more than I ever would've guessed.” Does this father-daughter connection come as any kind of surprise to you? Why or why not?

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