Virtual Speaking with
Cynthia Leitich Smith

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Invite Cynthia Leitich Smith to speak to an audience of YA book enthusiasts via Skpe!

Cost & Duration

The cost is $300 for a half hour to an hour.


TantalizeEternalBlessedKieren's StoryDiabolical Eternal Zachary's Story

Cynthia will send signed copies of the entire Tantalize series. Cynthia will also send up to 100 signed bookmarks to be distributed to attendees.

Plus spooky surprise gifts.

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Invite Cynthia For A Virtual Visit

Contact Cynthia with: your name, the name and type of your organization; your snail and e-mail addresses and your phone number; the dates you're considering; the length of your proposed visit; and any other pertinent details (including Skype name).

Preparation & A Virtual Chat

Prepare the Audience

Second Life avatar
Cynthia chats with Teens at Second Life about her YA Gothic fantasy novels.


  • Invite attendees to dress up as characters (from the books or of their own invention) from the world of Tantalize. Its creatures include angels (guardian and arch) a myriad of shapeshifters (werewolves, werecats, werearmadillos, wereopossum, werebears, wereelk, etc.), vampires (modern and Carpathian), ghosts, demons, faeries, pesky human beings…
  • (Cynthia will be dressed up, too!)
  • Decorate your room like Sanguini's! Use candles, black/red linens, spooky décor.
  • Prepare some Sanguini's-inspired snacks! Check out the menus from Tantalize and Blessed for inspiration or check out Halloween recipes or Italian delights (pizza! pasta!).
  • Check out the teacher guides for each of Cynthia's YA books.