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Japanese Picture Books as a Window to Japan, English-language Asia-set Children's and Young Adult Fiction, and Children's and YA Books in Translation from Japan, all by Holly Thompson from PaperTiger's Global Voices. Peek: "The reasons for so few Japanese books being sold to English-language publishers are layered and complicated ranging from cultural differences and weak English copy or sample translations used for marketing books to foreign publishers, to stagnant picture book markets in English-speaking countries and a lack of interest from markets that are focused intently on books set in their own countries."

A Dozen YA Novels with Asian Guy Protagonists: compiled by Mitali Perkins from Mitali's Fire Escape. Peek: "I got great suggestions, but didn't include any middle-grade titles, those published before 2007, or novels in which the Asian guy was a sidekick, romantic interest, or one of several protagonists."

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ASIAN-AMERICAN HISTORY (Plume, 1996) by Lan Cao and Himilee Novas. Historical overview in readable question-and-answer format. For YA/adult readers.

STRANGERS FROM A DIFFERENT SHORE: A HISTORY OF ASIAN AMERICANS (Little Brown, 1989) by Ronald Takaki. More scholarly (but still readable) treatment of the Asian American experience. For YA/adult readers.

Asian American Book List from the National Education Association. Peek: "a bilingual reading list of titles appropriate for K-12 students. The following titles are listed by grade level and include fiction, non-fiction and poetry."

Asian American Curriculum Projects, Inc. "Our mission is to educate the public about the Asian American experience, fostering cultural awareness, and to educate Asian Americans about their own heritage, installing a sense of pride." Offers quality books related to the following communities: Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Samoan, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Multicultural Book Reviews for K-12 educators: brief summaries that are graded and (mostly) signed.

Asian American Writers Workshop: information on membership, programs, publications, awards, fellowships, people, and more.

Asia for Kids Educational Catalog: a resource for language and culture books, videos, CD-ROMS, crafts, games, dolls, and music. One of the very few commercial sites linked from this one. Excellent resource for Asian American books and more (Ancient Civilization, Adoption, Arabic & Middle EAstern, Bengali, Bilingual Books, Cambodia/Khmer, China, Cinderall stories, Gujarati, Hmong/Laos, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Multicultural/Biethnic, Pacific Islands/Hawaii, Pakistan/Urdu, Philippine, Spanish, Thailand/Thai, Vietnam, and more).

The Magic Paintbrush by Laurence Yep Buddist Books for Children from the University of Pennsylvania. features Chinese Children Books, Video's, Audio and computer CD's, and other materials for libraries, ESL Programs, and government institutions for teaching Chinese Culture and Language with secure online ordering.

Children's Literature Bibliography: Asian American, Asian & Pacific Islands from the Internet School Library Media Center.

Common Errors In American Children's Books With South Asian Characters or Content from Uma Krishaswami. Mentions mistakes found in recently published books.

“Great Expectations: Breaking Down the Wall of Assumptions” by Debbi Michiko Florence. Peek: "It's not enough that a main character in a book is Asian-American in physical description, but he/she should also share that melding of cultures.”

Pacific Rim Voices is the web site of the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize, which was created in 1996 to encourage the publication and readership of books that will increase understanding about the nations and peoples of the Pacific Rim region. The site, launched in September 1999, features not only information about the Kiriyama Prize -- its winners and finalists, but also book reviews, calendar listings, regional focus pages, author interviews, original fiction, links to other Pacific Rim related sites, and more. New features will be posted to the site regularly. featuring Pacific Rim and South Asian peoples and cultures through children's and young adult books. Features interviews, essential reading, resources, and reviews. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Polychrome Publishing Corporation: "publisher of authentic Asian Pacific American stories from the Asian Pacific American community."

Segregation and Shelf Space from Cynthia Leitich Smith. A brief discussion of ethnic categorization in children's and young adult literature.

South Asian Children's Books and Software by the South Asian Women's Network. Bibliography with related links.

Talk Story: Sharing stories, sharing culture "is a literacy program that reaches out to Asian Pacific American (APA) and American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) children and their families. The program celebrates and explores their stories through books, oral traditions, and art to provide an interactive, enriching experience. Children and their families can connect to rich cultural activities through Talk Story in their homes, libraries, and communities. We welcome all ethnicities to customize Talk Story as needed for your community family literacy needs." Note: a joint project of the American Indian Library Association and the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association.

The Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle: "the only pan-Asian American museum in the United States devoted to the collection, preservation and display of Asian Pacific American culture, history and art with projects, inspired and created by community members."