FAQs: school visits, book copies,
autographs, more about Cyn...

Would you like to visit our school, library, etc.?

Maybe! See the events page for details.

How do I order your books for school events?

See the sidebar of the events page.

Would you donate a copy of one of your books to our organization for a fund-raising event?

Thank you for your interest. Please note that children's/YA authors do have to pay for our own books (yes, I think the publishing companies should give them to us), and that autographed-book raffles/auctions have become quite popular. Due to the high volume of requests, I'm no longer able to provide autographed books to individual schools. However, umbrella organizations and associations are welcome to request one by writing here, and I'll select one recipient each month. Individual schools and subsequent organizations are welcome to request an autographed book plate. Please send a copy of any related promotional materials.

Will you autograph a fabric square for our class author quilt?

Yes, but only IF you supply the square, the fabric pen (one with ink in it, please), and a self-addressed stamped envelope with the proper postage. In theory, it's a great project. In practice, most of those I've been sent lacked either a pen (harder for an urban Austinite to find than you might think) and/or an SASE. Again, I'm really glad to do it, but please just check and make sure that I have everything I need to fulfill my end of the assignment.

Can I have an autograph for my copy of your book?

Sure! Just email me a snail (regular postal street address), and I'll send an autographed book plate right away.

What if I want to know more about you?

I'm flattered! Check out my bio and/or my articles page, which includes a number of interviews. You may also want to read "The Naked Truth" from IN MY GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE: AWARD WINNING AUTHORS TELL STORIES ABOUT THEIR GRANDMOTHERS.